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Mission Beach is a neighborhood in San Diego and part of zip code 92109. It is just South of Pacific Beach, and occupies the roughly 2 mile strip of land between Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It is a prime location with the neighborhood offering a lot of nearby activities for the family, and beach front homes valued in the millions of dollars.


The fun Mission Beach and more relaxing South Mission Beach offer lots of activities whether it’s a fun day at the boardwalk running parallel to the ocean, or a day surfing or even relaxing in the sun. It has the Pacific Ocean on the West and Mission Bay to the East. On the bay side there is Mariners Basin where boats can be anchored overnight, and Ventura Cove with a swimming and picnic area.


This community is the home of the beachfront amusement park, Belmont Park, and the historic wooden Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. A day in the sun bike riding or skateboarding along the boardwalk is also fun. Also, be sure to check out some of the local waterside parks, shopping, and restaurants. Seaworld is also nearby in the bay.


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