Home Pricing Mistakes

Home Pricing Mistakes Wonder why some properties sell right away and others sit on the market for months without even an offer? The answer is simply, price. More specifically, its making sure the property is priced right. To be priced right, that means it can’t be priced too high or too low. Yes, both can

Top Legal Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Top Legal Mistakes Top Legal Mistakes. When trying to sell your home on your own, its common that important matters get missed, overlooked, and not addressed.  This is why its ALWAYS recommended to consult a REALTOR® for real estate representation, and in some cases an attorney when certain real estate issues arise. Without proper representation, you can

Safety First in Home Selling

Safety First Safety First. So you’re getting ready to move and you got your home ready to be sold. Still, that big day hasn’t come yet, so now what? For one, you’re almost certain to have people touring the inside of your home. That is after all, the point. So whether its people coming through

State of Convenience

State of Convenience The state of convenience is no longer an added bonus, it is an expectation and necessity in today’s busy lifestyle. Let’s face it, we live in an always connected, always on type of modern society.  In a word, we’re Busy.  We look for more convenient and more efficient ways to do everything. As

Contemporary Lifestage Path to Home Ownership

Contemporary Lifestage Path to Home Ownership The contemporary lifestage path to home ownership is a lot different than the traditional linear path that previous generations followed. It used to be a lot easier to decide when to buy a home.  You grow up in your parent’s home, go to school, get a job, get married,

Cohabitation – Sharing Your Home

Cohabitation – Sharing Your Home Cohabitation is the sharing of your home in one of several common ways.  In the past, and still in some parts of the country (where I’m from originally in the Midwest) a 3 bedroom 2 bath house was considered a single family home.  That has changed significantly in the past 10

Technology Versus Community

Technology Versus Community Technology Versus Community.  Does high tech lead to community disconnect?  Well yes, or at least according to the vast majority of people surveyed.  As shown in the info-graph below provided by the California Association of Realtors, 78% want to do more to help their local community, 67% feel a disconnect to the people

Home Renovations – The Realities of Improving

Home Renovations – The Realities of Improving So you spent months looking at houses, and finally found one to call home.  It’s a great house, yet it’s just not perfect.  For many, buying a house is only the first step in having a place to call home.  Thus starts the home renovation process.  This is

Why Buy – Reasons to Own a Home

Why Buy Why Buy? Or more specifically, why DO people follow the path to home ownership…and should you? When exploring the buying methods of first time home buyers and repeat home buyers, there are the obvious investment advantages, but buying a home can fill other needs and wants.  As shown in the info-graph below provided

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance If you have thought about purchasing a home or have even started doing initial research, you may have heard that it can be difficult in San Diego to get financing and that it would require a huge down payment towards the purchase of the home.  While in some cases that may be