Instant Home Valuation is an Estimate


The home selling process can be extensive and even a bit overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. The keys to a successful home selling process is to Get Prepared, Get Attractive, and Get Moving.


First, start with an Automated Home Valuation. This is an estimate only and usually comes in a little high. That’s okay, on the results page, request a professional CMA(Competitive Market Analysis) and I’ll come out to you home to do an in-depth analysis of your homes value in today’s market…meaning what price would buyers most likely buy your home at. I’ll also go over best strategies to market your home, trends in the market and how to make it most attractive to buyers. To get a head start, look at market trends in your neighborhood.


Now that we’ve had an initial consultation and you’re ready to make your home marketable to buyers in your area, it’s time to Get Attractive…or rather get your home ready to mingle. I’ll go over all the details with you on de-cluttering, touch up pointers, updates, staging tips, and any other ideas to help put your home in the best light. To get a head start, check out some of these recent posts.


We list your home with the purpose and assumption of getting it sold, quickly. Therefore, we want to be prepared on getting you to your next home. This is where I’ll help you through the juggling act of going through the closing process on your current home and the buying process on your new home. In most cases these will be done simultaneously and require a bit of maneuvering, all with the end result of a smooth transition into your new home. To get a head start, start looking for homes here.
Still sound a bit overwhelming? That’s okay, I’m here to help navigate and remove obstacles every step of the way. Text or call me at 858-652-9014 or by email at