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The buying process can at first seem overwhelming and even a bit intimidating.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  The key to a successful home buying experience is Research First, Get Prepared, and then Take Action. Follow these steps below to get well researched.  Next, I’ll reach out to you, or you can always call or text me at 858-652-9014. Together, we’ll take action to get you into your new home.


Step 1: Find Your Neighborhoods. What 2 or 3 areas can you see yourself living in? Does it meet your needs for work and play? Does it fit your lifestyle? Can you call this community home?
Step 2: Find Some Homes. Now that you have some communities picked out, focus on finding some homes in those areas that meet your price range, bed and bath needs, and other amenities that will make your home, home.  Narrow it down to those Top 10.  Start your search below. Log in and save your search.
Step 3: Schedule A Showing. You now have those Top 10 homes that you could see yourself living in. Now it’s time to make some tough cuts.  Narrow that list down to your Top 5 Homes. Those are the homes you want to see in person and could potentially make an offer on. One of these could be your new home!


You now have done some initial research and you’re ready to start looking at homes. Exciting Times! But now it’s time to get prepared.  If you followed the above steps, I’ll be reaching out to you soon for an initial consultation and to set up appointments to view the properties you chose. This is when we can go over a step by step plan on how to get you into your new home.


You’ve done the research, you’re prepared, and now it’s time to take action. This is where we’ll view the properties, find the best one for the best price, and make an offer! Once we navigate the Escrow process, you get the keys to your new home.
Still sound overwhelming? That’s okay, I’m here to help navigate and remove obstacles every step of the way. Text or call me at 858-652-9014 or by email at

The property search tool allows you to see all of the local listings that meet your criteria.

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